Design Consultancy


Design Consultancy

Sydney Professional Sign Design offers a Design Consultancy Service to help you with the best signage solution for your business.

Signage can be used to increase awareness of your business and to ensure you stand out from the crowd and your competition. If you’re not sure what is the right solution for your business, this is where we can help with our Design Consultancy Service:

Initial Client Brief

  • This is at our expense and we will work with you to understand your business needs and objectives.

Design Proposal Package

  • After the brief, we will come back to you with a tailor-made design package offering a select range of design solutions for your consideration
  • You decide which option or options are best suited to your objectives and budget.
  • Fee for Service = $150 + GST

Design Implementation Package

  • We can assist in bringing your plans into reality and provide you with savings to bring your project within budget.
  • We can work with various vendors on a variety of signage solutions to ensure that the products and service chosen do more than meet your expectations – that they exceed them !
  • This package includes overseeing production, quality assurance and co-ordination of on-site installation if applicable.
  • Fee for Service depends on the type of solution chosen and can range from $250 + GST to $500 + GST.

Contact Sydney Professional Sign Design now to find out how our Design Consultancy can bring you the best design solution for your needs and budget.